Ezmeralda’s Night Circus

This exciting production was the premiere of the world’s first ever Drag Circus Show at the Glastonbury Arts Festival, where it received rave reviews and nightly standing ovations. It skilfully blends live music with world class circus performance, exquisite costume and fantastic dance choreography.

Madame Ezmeralda invites the audience to step into her flamboyant and fabulous world of the Night Circus.

The opulent spectacle unfolds with Geisha Go Go Girls and Burly Ballerinas, a bath tub full of Lady Boys and Contorting Diamond Divas.

The audience will be amazed by Ezmeralda’s Carousel of Aerial Delights accompanied by Trampy Tarts twirling high up on trapezes. These delicious delights are wrapped up with the live sound of the Diva, Ezmeralda and her fabulous Band.

A show that will wow all with spectacle and human dare, confuse and amuse, and, above all, seduce and entertain.

This show is ideal for Cabarets, Big Tops, Theatres and Festivals

'I immensely enjoyed your wonderful show ‘Night Circus’ at Glastonbury. Defiantly the highlight of the festival. I have just heard 'Diamonds Are Forever' and it has brought a smile back to my face remembering the amazing show. Thank you Incandescence.'

Kate Green

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