Cirque Elemental

Cirque Elemental can be booked as a small or large scale touring production and is ideal for theatres, big tops and festivals.

A brilliant fusion of contemporary circus acts, theatre, opera and dance combine to create an exhilarating circus show, which is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Watch in delight as an operatic fairy queen, and an endearing clown, accompany a child on an amazing journey to the four different elemental worlds of Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

These magical elemental worlds unfold in front of the young child’s eyes as she is swept off her feet and is submersed in the world of Water by a giant Sea Queen Puppet, accompanied by mermen and mermaids.

The pulsing beat of drums transports her into the Earth world where she dances and flies with birds and butterflies, before getting drawn into high energy African dance and acrobatics.

The world of Air takes her on an ethereal journey with balletic fantasy characters effortlessly dancing and flying around her, creating a breathtaking surreal world.

Lastly, she is transported to the powerful world of Fire and is immersed and surrounded by a dynamic, fiery performance where fantastical creatures join her, dancing with fire.

The child realises her own innate power and brings the four elemental worlds together in a breath taking finale.

'Wow what a show! Part circus nouvelle, part modern ballet, part contemporary opera - and completely unique – Incandescence’s Elemental is one spectacular show.
Superfluous superlatives like mesmerising, magnificent and magical do scant justice to this simply stunning spectacle.

Max Channon, The Cornishman

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