A Vintage Circus Show

Be transported back to a bygone era and step into the magical world of Baron Alfred and his eclectic troupe of misfits and marvels.

For your esteemed pleasure, Baron Alfred has scoured the length and breadth of this land venturing from Siam to Transylvania collecting the unusual, the absurd and the magnificent. May you gasp in wonder? Laugh and weep as he will wake you from your slumber to haul you up from a long and dreamless sleep.

Prepare to be astonished and amazed, as he brings to you Virginia and Valentine who are joined at the hip; Rumple his own sad clown descended from the sons of Genghis Khan; Ruby his own living doll frozen in a gilded cage, and the world’s most beautiful black eyed beauty, the Geisha Kim Masaki Ren.

"It’s Showtime Ladies and Gentlemen... Roll up Roll up and leave your ordinary selves behind!"

‘Wow what an evening. Colourful, athletic and totally absorbing. Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. It really was a wide eyed wonder of a show, your cast terrific, their skills incredible. I will never wipe the smile from my face at the memory.'

Andrew Carter 

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