» » Sequins and Suspenders – Ezmeralda’s Night Circus tour at Glastonbury Festival

Sequins and Suspenders – Ezmeralda’s Night Circus tour at Glastonbury Festival

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Incandescence’s new production of Night Circus has just returned from headlining the 2,000 capacity Circus Big top at Glastonbury Festival. The show received rave reviews and nightly standing ovations to a packed house.

Ezmeralda Night Circus- Cirque Production

This exciting new production was the premiere of the World’s first ever Drag Circus show. Madame Ezmeralda invited the audience to step into her flamboyant and fabulous world of the Night Circus.

The opulent spectacle unfolded with Geisha Go Go Girls and Burly Ballerinas, a Bath tub full of Lady Boys, and Contorting Diamond Divas.

Cirque Show- Adagio Night Circus   Night Circus Glastonbury- Contortion

The audience were amazed by Ezmeralda’s Carousel of Aerial Delight accompanied by Trampy Tarts twirling high up on trapezes. These delicious delights were wrapped up with the live sound of the Diva, Ezmeralda and her tantalising Band.

A show that wowed all with spectacle and human dare, confused and amused, and above all seduced and entertained.

Touring Circus production- Night Circus   Cirque Drag show Incandescence

Visit our Show gallery to view a promotional video and photo gallery of our new Cirque Show Ezmeralda’s Night Circus.

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