» » Jelly Jazz Circus – Porthleven Masked Ball –The Build

Jelly Jazz Circus – Porthleven Masked Ball –The Build

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It has been a fantastic week for the Incandescence team as we have been working on the cliff tops in Cornwall creating a site specific performance tent for this summer’s Porthleven Masked Ball.

Our leading show design team has been building fantastic themed decor for this years Porthleven Masked Ball. The team is very excited to be hosting the Jelly Jazz Circus featuring Pete Isaac and the Jelly Jazz DJs.

Incandescence Jelly Jazz CircusPorthleven Masked Ball Build Jelly Jazz

The design team was busy creating an interactive performance space inside one of Southwest Domes beautiful geodesic tents. The entrance into the Jelly Jazz Circus tent lead into a magically lit tunnel.

Masked ball build Jally Jazz circus

The tunnel became smaller and smaller leading to a miniature door and as the guests opened this door, they were transported into the weird and wonderful world of the Jelly Jazz Circus.


To view the ‘behind the scenes’ build of the Jelly Jazz circus please visit our Facebook page. To look at other Incandescence site specific performances check out our website.

Thanks Satya

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