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Hire a Cirque Du Soleil style Show

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If you are looking to hire a world class circus show in  the genre of a Cirque du Soleil style show, then take a look at Cirque Elemental which was produced by our leading show design team at Incandescence Production Company.



Cirque Elemental is a contemporary circus show which has toured to many parts of the world receiving rave reviews.

’’Wow what a show! ‘Part circus nouvelle, part contemporary ballet and opera and completely unique – Incandescence’s Elemental is one spectacular show’’

Max Channon, The Cornishman Newspaper review

A breath taking and beautiful fusion of circus and dance – a spectacle worthy of the West End’

Glastonbury Arts Festival

Like many contemporary or cirque nouveau shows ,it skilfully blends traditional circus skills with modern theatrical techniques to relate a story.

Incandescence Cirque Elemental

Cirque Elemental is the story of a small child Mei Mei who embarks on a magical journey to the four Elemental worlds. She is accompanied by a Fairy queen and  two endearing contemporary clowns.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

In the Water World they encounter a dramatic  Sea Queen who rises from the depths and creates a watery backdrop with mermen and mermaids playfully performing on a trapeze and on seaweed ropes.  Whilst below mermaids perform a beautiful choreographed dance on ballet points.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

Then the pulse of African drumming draws the child and Queen  into the Earth World were they are captivated by high energy dance and acrobatics.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

The tempo  slows as they journey into the ephemeral World of Air.  Here the child accompanied by the Queen experience a visual spectacle as they interact with  static aerial and flying,  birds whilst on the ground voluminous ethereal masked dancers, create a stunning backdrop.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

Finally the child experiences the primordial power of Fire and is mesmerised by fire dancing, aerial and acrobatics before the fantasy world starts to fade and the child re-emerges into her own world.

Incandescence cirque elemental

If you would like to receive a full promotional pack for Cirque Elemental please get in contact or visit our website to view other contemporary circus shows available for hire.

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