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Halloween Masked Ball – Carnival of the Damned Circus Tent

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What a crazy Halloween weekend our leading circus show team spent recently on the Camel Farm in the deepest, darkest depths of Cornwall, as part of the UK’s biggest Halloween Masked Ball.

We presented one of the 12 amazing themed areas at this year’s Ball. The aptly named ‘Carnival of the Damned’ a dark circus tent, with interactive site specific performance.

Carnival of the Dmned Circus Tent

The event can only be described as a mini ‘Glastonbury’ festival, with all the mud and general craziness that goes with it, trying to host an outdoor event in the UK with its unpredictable weather.

Halloween Masked BallHalloween Masked Ball

Hats off to the Masked Ball team for managing to pull off a large outdoor event despite one of the worst storms in 25 years raging around the festival site, too. Amazing work!

Halloween Masked Ball

Despite factors beyond the teams control (primarily the weather) they were seriously challenged to keep the event going. However, they did this with integrity and a smile on their faces – as the planet hurled all Hell at them! Well done, Kelvin and team.

Halloween Masked BallHalloween Masked BallHalloween Masked Ball

With the classic British stiff upper lip and being soaking wet, the Masked Ball team battled on to deliver an epic Halloween event, which we were proud to be part of.

Our circus tent, the Carnival of the Damned, was packed all night, with people enjoying the fantastical twisted circus world we had created.

Halloween Masked Ball

The guests were immersed within an interactive performance environment. The fabulous Hong Kong Ping Pong and Mongolian Disco Show provided fantastic tunes throughout the night, which was accompanied by our live musicians and circus performances.

Halloween Masked BallHalloween Masked Ball

Despite the appalling weather conditions the intrepid party-goers that made it to the Ball seemed to have a fantastic time, and didn’t let the stormy weather around them dampen their spirits.

Halloween Masked Ball

The next day proved to be one of the most difficult circus show take-downs and load-outs ever experienced, with our vehicles being swapped in the mud.

However, there was a surprise guest appearance during the night from the camels that inhabit Camel Farm that put a big smile on our faces!.

Camels Coming out to Play

A massive well done to the Masked Ball team for all their superhuman efforts, and a big thank you to everyone who made our circus show tent a massive success.

Halloween Masked Ball

If you’d like to check out the Carnival of the Damned tent in black and white images, please visit our Facebook Page.

Also check out the amazing Kevern Photography  who documented the event and has supplied us with fabulous imagery.

To see other Incandescence dark circus shows, please visit our website.

Thanks Satya x

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