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Closing Ceremony Entertainment

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The Incandescence team have just landed back in the UK, following a flying visit to Qatar where we produced a unique aerial crane show in collaboration with New Substance.


This was part of the closing ceremony entertainment for the Doha International Youth Film Festival.

The Closing Ceremony Entertainment for this event was produced by Unspun  the Company behind the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics – so it was a real pleasure to meet and work alongside this team.

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We had an exciting week spent in Doha on the lead up to the performance where the Incandescence team worked closely with 14 local volunteers.

These volunteers were given a crash course in aerial harness work and then suspended 50 metres off a giant human net hung from a crane.


This structure was then flown over the stadium, where we performed an aerial synchronized routine in special LED costumes. This was accompanied by pyrotechnics, but most excitingly a motorized para-glider flown by an ex-Hungarian fighter pilot flew over the top of us, releasing 1,000 LED glowing paper helicopters. This created an amazing finale to a spectacular show.


It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to work with these local people, from such diverse backgrounds from teachers, students, nurses, mums and marketing directors. This also meant it wasn’t the usual aerial collaboration on a giant 100-tonne crane!


It was a pleasure to work with these locals teaching, choreographing, and finally performing with them as part of the closing ceremony entertainment. I’m really proud of what everyone achieved, and the awesome team effort by everyone involved.


A big thank you to everyone involved in making this project very special: it’s one I am sure everyone involved will remember, as there are not many people who get to have a birds-eye-view of the spectacular Doha skyline from a giant crane – especially nurses and primary school teachers!

Well done and massive respect too you all.

Satya x

To view the behind-the-scenes photos of the whole process, please visit our Facebook page to look at other site specific projects, or opening and closing ceremony entertainment please visit our website.

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