Jelly Jazz Circus – A site specific performance tent at the Porthleven Masked Ball

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What a fantastic time our Team had producing and performing in the Jelly Jazz Circus tent as part of the Porthleven Masked Ball. Incandescence created a bespoke site specific performance tent especially for the event.


The evening started with a lively parade around the festival site with our fabulous circus band accompanied by our dancing stilt walkers and stunning dancers.


Revellers at the ball were treated to the crazy weird world of the Jelly Jazz Circus. Incandescence artists animated the tent with fabulous costumed performers dancing across the bar, dynamic  fire performance and interactive aerial artists hanging around above the dance floor.


Fantastic tunes were played by the Jelly Jazz DJs who created a brilliant dance atmosphere throughout the night. This was definitely my favourite Masked Ball to date.


Massive thank yous to everybody who worked so hard to make this event a huge success. To view images from this amazing night please visit our Face book page to look at other Incandescence site specific shows and performances.  Please also visit our website Thanks  Satya x

Jelly Jazz Circus – Porthleven Masked Ball –The Build

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It has been a fantastic week for the Incandescence team as we have been working on the cliff tops in Cornwall creating a site specific performance tent for this summer’s Porthleven Masked Ball.

Our leading show design team has been building fantastic themed decor for this years Porthleven Masked Ball. The team is very excited to be hosting the Jelly Jazz Circus featuring Pete Isaac and the Jelly Jazz DJs.

Incandescence Jelly Jazz CircusPorthleven Masked Ball Build Jelly Jazz

The design team was busy creating an interactive performance space inside one of Southwest Domes beautiful geodesic tents. The entrance into the Jelly Jazz Circus tent lead into a magically lit tunnel.

Masked ball build Jally Jazz circus

The tunnel became smaller and smaller leading to a miniature door and as the guests opened this door, they were transported into the weird and wonderful world of the Jelly Jazz Circus.


To view the ‘behind the scenes’ build of the Jelly Jazz circus please visit our Facebook page. To look at other Incandescence site specific performances check out our website.

Thanks Satya

Hire an Adult Cirque Cabaret Show

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If you are looking to book or hire a world class adult Cirque Cabaret Show then take a look at ‘Ezmeralda’s Night Circus’.  The show premiered at Glastonbury Arts Festival 2013 where it headlined the Circus Big Top, receiving rave reviews and nightly standing ovations.

Madame Ezmeralda invites you to step into her flamboyant and fabulous domain of the Night Circus.  The world’s first and finest adult circus, drag, cabaret; a 90 minute spectacular and engaging show.


Night Circus can be staged in a theatre, club or at a festival or in a site specific location.


The show is set to an upbeat musical score with an imaginative twist on some iconic classics.  Performed live by our fantastic band and accompanied by the amazing vocals of Madame Ezmeralda.


The show skilfully blends amazing circus skills with fantastical comedy characters and beautiful choreography, creating a unique and spectacular Circus Cabaret show.

“A show that will wow with spectacle and human dare, confuse and amuse and above all seduce and enthral”


What they said

“I immensely enjoyed your wonderful show ‘Night Circus’ at Glastonbury. definitely the highlight of the festival. I have just heard Diamonds are Forever and it has brought a smile back to my face, remembering the amazing show. Thank you Incandescence”
Kate Green

Email Princess crocodile 1

Shows in a similar performance genre that are  currently providing worldwide quality adult cabaret  are Cirque le Soir, Cirque du Cabaret and Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity.


If you would like to receive more information or to book ‘Ezmeraldas Night Circus’ please visit our website.


Running away with the Circus

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Guest blog by Fleur Davison, Incandescence Circus Company’s resident choreographer.

My journey with Incandescence Circus Production Company began in 2003, when I was invited to perform in an exciting new show called ‘Cirque Elemental’ for The Festival of Eid in Qatar as a classical ballet dancer.

This was Qatar’s first experience of booking a large-scale circus production and the trip was a huge adventure!

cirque balletice themed show

I immediately loved the eclectic mix of styles that made up ‘Cirque Elemental’ and was wowed by the incredible skill and energy of the circus performers.

Water themed entertainment

I was honoured to be performing with them and took to the company like a duck to water. I soon became their resident dance choreographer and later part of the Show Creation Team.

Cirque cabaret

I trained to be a dancer from a very young age and followed a privileged path at many well renowned schools, including Elmhurst Ballet School and London Studio Centre.

As I grew, so did my passion for all kinds of different styles of dance, from ballet to jazz, tap to contemporary dance and later on commercial street dance, ballroom and tango.

cirque tangocircus tangotango dance

Working with Incandescence has enabled me to fulfil my potential in all aspects of dance and has led me to learn new exciting skills such as Thai Chi Sword and Fan.

cirque masqueradearabian nights circus

On each job with Incandescence Circus Company, I have the opportunity to really explore different forms and themes and to bring so many characters to life.  I love the challenge of working with a new prop and rarely choreograph without one!

circus show for hire

There are no limits working with a circus company, if you need a dancer to fly then she can fly.  If you need a wall of fire instead of feathers then there will be a wall of fire.  Mixing circus and dance is like opening doors of limitless opportunity.

‘Running away with the Circus’ has taught me that anything in life is possible!

Fleur Davison

Hire a Cirque Du Soleil style Show

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If you are looking to hire a world class circus show in  the genre of a Cirque du Soleil style show, then take a look at Cirque Elemental which was produced by our leading show design team at Incandescence Production Company.

Cirque Elemental is a contemporary circus show which has toured to many parts of the world receiving rave reviews.

’’Wow what a show! ‘Part circus nouvelle, part contemporary ballet and opera and completely unique – Incandescence’s Elemental is one spectacular show’’

Max Channon, The Cornishman Newspaper review

A breath taking and beautiful fusion of circus and dance – a spectacle worthy of the West End’

Glastonbury Arts Festival

Like many contemporary or cirque nouveau shows ,it skillfully blends traditional circus skills with modern theatrical techniques to relate a story.

Incandescence Cirque Elemental

Cirque Elemental is the story of a small child Mei Mei who embarks on a magical journey to the four Elemental worlds. She is accompanied by a Fairy queen and  two endearing contemporary clowns.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

In the Water World they encounter a dramatic  Sea Queen who rises from the depths and creates a watery backdrop with mermen and mermaids playfully performing on a trapeze and on seaweed ropes.  Whilst below mermaids perform a beautiful choreographed dance on ballet points.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

Then the pulse of African drumming draws the child and Queen  into the Earth World were they are captivated by high energy dance and acrobatics.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

The tempo  slows as they journey into the ephemeral World of Air.  Here the child accompanied by the Queen experience a visual spectacle as they interact with  static aerial and flying,  birds whilst on the ground voluminous ethereal masked dancers, create a stunning backdrop.

Hire a Cirque du Soliel style show

Finally the child experiences the primordial power of Fire and is mesmerised by fire dancing, aerial and acrobatics before the fantasy world starts to fade and the child re-emerges into her own world.

Incandescence cirque elemental

If you would like to receive a full promotional pack for Cirque Elemental please get in contact on our website to view other contemporary circus shows available for hire.

Thank you

Alice in Wonderland, an action packed Children’s Circus Show

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One of my favourite family circus shows produced by the Incandescence production team, is our fantastic high energy Alice in Wonderland children’s circus show.

The circus show combines all of your favourite characters from the much loved Lewis Carroll classic.

Childrens circus show

The Circus show is set to an upbeat musical score and weaves these theatrical and outrageous characters with beautiful dance choreography and world class circus performance, into a breath taking children’s circus production.

Alice in wonderland circus show2011-08-22 13.07.01

The show opens in the Queen of Heart’s Garden and is set against a stunning backdrop. The White Rabbit enters the stage and he is late, and he is looking for something that he can’t find!

Alice in wonderland circus show

Alice wanders onto the stage following the White Rabbit. Then the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the sleepy Dormouse appear and start setting up their chaotic Tea Party, under the watchful gaze of the Cheshire Cat.

Alice in wonderland circus showchildrens circus showAlice in wonderland circus show

This sets the scene for this fabulous Alice in Wonderland Children’s Circus Show’s story to unfold.  This circus production is ideal for festivals, theatres, private events and has worked extremely well as a large staged show in shopping malls worldwide.

Alice in wonderland circus showchildrens circus show

This children’s circus  show has the option of a promenade performance before the main staged show .

Alice in wonderland circus showAlice in wonderland circus showAlice in wonderland circus show

We also offer the option of using our unique Playing Card Band which can perform live music for the show or can also be used to perform in an Interactive parade performance.

2011-08-22 13.42.29

This circus show is available to be booked now. If you would like to receive more information or to discuss booking a circus show, please get in contact.  To view more circus shows that are available to book, please visit our website.  Thank you Satya

New 2014-Show reel from our Circus Production Company

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What an exciting month it has been putting our new 2014 circus production video together.  Here’s a sneak peak at  Incandescence circus company’s new entertainment showreel.

The showreel features video highlights from the most amazing  events, venues, festivals, concerts and tours that we have had the pleasure of producing circus entertainment for.

Incandescence circus company

It highlights the versatility of our circus production team in the shows that we create. These range  from custom produced family circus entertainment  like Cirque Elemental to unique  and flamboyant adult entertainment like Ezmeraldas Night Circus.

circus production company

We also specialise in show design for concerts and  music tours as well as designing and supplying unique entertainment for all areas of the corporate sector.

Show creators

Incandescence Production Company is one of the leading show creators in the UK with a wealth of experience creating and  delivering exceptional live entertainment worldwide.


If you would like to receive further information on the company or to discuss booking one of our existing circus shows or commissioning us to create a bespoke production, please get in contact.

circus show creators

A big thank you to Robin at JRS Editing for all of his amazing work in helping us produce our fabulous new circus  show reel.  To view other circus show reels by Incandescence production company, please visit our YouTube page or Website.


We hope you enjoy the new show reel!  Thanks Satya

Closing Ceremony Entertainment

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The Incandescence team have just landed back in the UK, following a flying visit to Qatar where we produced a unique aerial crane show in collaboration with New Substance.


This was part of the closing ceremony entertainment for the Doha International Youth Film Festival.

The Closing Ceremony Entertainment for this event was produced by Unspun  the Company behind the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics – so it was a real pleasure to meet and work alongside this team.

photo 3

We had an exciting week spent in Doha on the lead up to the performance where the Incandescence team worked closely with 14 local volunteers.

These volunteers were given a crash course in aerial harness work and then suspended 50 metres off a giant human net hung from a crane.


This structure was then flown over the stadium, where we performed an aerial synchronized routine in special LED costumes. This was accompanied by pyrotechnics, but most excitingly a motorized para-glider flown by an ex-Hungarian fighter pilot flew over the top of us, releasing 1,000 LED glowing paper helicopters. This created an amazing finale to a spectacular show.


It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to work with these local people, from such diverse backgrounds from teachers, students, nurses, mums and marketing directors. This also meant it wasn’t the usual aerial collaboration on a giant 100-tonne crane!


It was a pleasure to work with these locals teaching, choreographing, and finally performing with them as part of the closing ceremony entertainment. I’m really proud of what everyone achieved, and the awesome team effort by everyone involved.


A big thank you to everyone involved in making this project very special: it’s one I am sure everyone involved will remember, as there are not many people who get to have a birds-eye-view of the spectacular Doha skyline from a giant crane – especially nurses and primary school teachers!

Well done and massive respect too you all.

Satya x

To view the behind-the-scenes photos of the whole process, please visit our Facebook page to look at other site specific projects, or opening and closing ceremony entertainment please visit our website.

Sea Queen Spectacular – An amazing water-themed circus show

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One of my favourite creations from the Incandescence Circus touring production team is the Sea Queen Spectacular – a fantastic world-class water themed family circus show.

This cirque style nautical production is ideal for maritime events, water parks, theme parks, festivals and corporate events.

The cirque show combines giant puppetry, stilt walkers, dancers, acrobats and aerialists, creating a breath taking circus spectacle.

Water themed Cirque show

The performance has the option of beginning with a magical water-themed parade, which can weave through the venue or site interacting with the audience as it makes its way up onto the stage where the main show begins.

Water themed Circus show

This circus show is set to an upbeat, dynamic and varied musical score. The water-themed show opens with a breath taking flying straps performance by an artist in a stunning mermaid costume.

Water themed circus showwater circus show

The artist flies off a central winch system, gracefully connecting the ground with the air with stunning flying lifts, dramatic drops, and beautiful aerial choreography.

Water themed circus show

The scene starts to build as the Giant Sea Queen puppet majestically weaves her way onto the stage, accompanied by a host of water-themed characters that include dancers, acrobats, and stilt walkers costumed as mermen and mermaids.

Water themed circus showWater circus show

Alternatively, it can be staged outdoors as a site specific production.   This type of water-themed show is ideal for locations such as Mariners, Harbours, Water parks, festivals and opening/closing ceremony entertainment.

Water circus showwater themed entertainment

Here we use a crane rather than an aerial rig to raise the spectacular Sea Queen 30 metres in the air, creating a visual spectacular with aerialists suspended from it.

water circus show

It’s also possible to fly the structure safely over the audience – giving them a dramatic and more intimate view of the circus show.

Water circus showwater themed entertainment

In a harbour, river, or marina location there’s the option of combining the sea into the show creating a unique and magical element to the overall production.

water themed entertainment

For more information on this circus show, or to watch a promotional video please visit our website.

For more information, or to discuss how we could adapt or tailor the Sea Queen show to your event or site location, please get in contact here.

Thanks Satya x

Alice in Wonderland Themed Entertainment- Produced for the York Minster’s Rose Gala Diner

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Here at Incandescence,  we love creating imaginative and unique themed entertainment   for corporate events.

One of our favourite corporate events that we designed entertainment  for was the Rose Gala Dinner,  which was held in the famous York Minster Cathedral.

Alice in wonderland show

The client’s Brief:

To provide entertainment for 900 invited guests in the nave of York Minster Cathedral for the Diamond Jubilee Rose Dinner Celebrations.

They wanted something unique truly memorable, and that would set this event apart from being just another corporate event with a bit of formulaic run-of-the-mill evening entertainment.

Alice in wonderland corporate event

What we did:

Working closely with the York Minster team, we took their event name the Rose Gala dinner and decided to re-create the Rose garden from Alice in Wonderland: this would give a fantastic theme to tie the whole event and evening’s entertainment together.

Alice in wonderland show080612_York_SDixey_149

The other exciting and also challenging aspect to the event was the location – being one of England’s most iconic and beautiful buildings, but also Grade 1 listed!

This gave the project a site specific element to both producing and staging the Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment.

 Alice in wonderland themed entertainment

Given the Grade 1 status of the building, It was important to let the building dictate to some extent where and what the performance should be.

After doing site visits, the Incandescence Team had a good feel for the building, and were starting to see how to use this amazing space to complement and enhance the evening’s entertainment.

Alice in Wonderland themed showAlice in Wonderland themed show

Creating a symbiotic relationship between the awe-inspiring architecture of the York Minster Cathedral and the fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed event we were planning on staging was the creative challenge.

The Event:

On arrival, the guests were transported into the magical world of Alice. A whole host of fantastical Alice in Wonderland characters greeted the guests in the Queen of Hearts Rose Garden.

Alice in wonderland entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainment

The famous Mad Hatters Tea party and Croquet Scene where produced as interactive entertainment, and were brought to life using acrobats, actors, dancers and stilt walkers.

Alice in Wonderland themed show

This was accompanied by a ‘playing card band’ that set the scene with fabulous live music.

The Queen of Hearts played master of ceremonies for the night, as she and Alice wove the whole evening together giving it a seamless dreamlike quality.

Alice in Wonderland themed entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainment

The main dining area was turfed with a real green grass lawn. Guests were seated at tables with fabulous rose centrepieces, accompanied by bottles with ‘drink me’ labels.

During dinner they were treated to a site specific Alice in wonderland themed show that happened above and all around them.

Alice in Wonderland themed showAlice in Wonderland themed show

Aerialists spun and weaved their magic in front of the stained glass windows, dangling from the vaulted ceilings, performing on raised platforms and truly immersing the guests into the magical world of Alice and the amazing space that is the York Minster Cathedral.

Alice in Wonderland themed entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed show

What the client said:

Karen Powell, York Minster Cathedral:  “What a wonderful evening you created for us. We have had countless emails and letters from guests who were thrilled and totally amazed by the Alice in Wonderland experience that you created.”

Corporate entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainmentCorporate entertainment

For more information on our corporate themed entertainment or  bespoke corporate circus shows please visit our website.

Alice in wonderland entertainment

Alternatively please get in touch here as we’d love to design a bespoke or themed corporate entertainment package for your next event in 2014.

Alice in wonderland entertainment

Thanks Satya x

Zulu Sundance – An African themed Circus Show

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This is a fantastic new African circus production that we have produced for Vivid Experience Christmas parties at Athena theatre.

The Athena theatre in Leicester hosted this magical African themed circus show over the Christmas period.

African circus showAfrican circus showAfrican circus show

As the temperature dropped and winter had set in, Athena theatre invited guests to escape to the exotic plains of Africa.

African circus show

Four of our talented acrobats flew in from Tanzania to join our fantastic team of multi-skilled circus artists to create this breath-taking and magical cirque show.

The guests were then treated to three magical shows between a delicious three-course dinner.

African circus showAfrican circus showAfrican circus show

The circus dance shows transported the guests to the warmth and beauty of the African continent, with emotive and powerful music.

African circus show

Guests were treated to infectious dance, dramatic and powerful fire performance, breath-taking aerial acts, and dynamic world-class acrobatics.

African circus showAfrican circus show

These were performed in front of a stunning stage set with amazing lighting provided by Hawthorns lighting designers. A big thank you to everyone involved in creating and producing this fantastic bespoke African circus production.

African circus show

For more information on our new shows that we have recently produced, or to receive new promotional material from Incandescence Circus Theatre Company in the New Year, please get in contact here.

To view all of the photographs from this new African circus show taken by the amazing Dave Perry Photography please visit our Facebook page.

Thanks Satya x

Kitsch Cabaret – A Fabulous Circus Cabaret Show

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Incandescence production team created a bespoke circus cabaret show for the Vivid experience  event ’Festive and Fabulous’ which ran for seven weeks over the Christmas period at the iconic Derby Roundhouse.

Incandescence produced fabulous characters to animate the stunning reception area as the guests arrived at the event. These included unique four-legged stilt walkers, live statues, and giant gold gilded picture frames with acrobatic characters inside them bringing them to life.

Incandescence Circus Cabaret ShowIncandescence Circus Cabaret ShowIncandescence Circus Cabaret Show

The team created three bespoke cirque shows for this corporate event. These were performed in the round immersing the guests in a fantastical and decadent world of a lavish cabaret.

Incandescence Circus Cabaret Show

The shows combined world-class circus acts such as Duo Chinese Pole, Corde Lisse, Spanish web and aerial silks. These circus acts were performed in exquisite designer costumes and accompanied by our talented dancers.

Incandescence Circus Cabaret ShowIncandescence Circus Cabaret ShowIncandescence Circus Cabaret Show

The shows were performed to packed audiences, and received fantastic reviews. Creating a unforgettable evening of entertainment with all the glamour, fun and sparkle of the cabaret.

Incandescence Circus Cabaret Show

Please get in contact here if you’d like to receive a new promotional video of this circus show. To view the show in fantastic images from the amazing Dave Perry Photography  please visit our Facebook page.

Double aerial ropeIncandescence Circus Cabaret ShowIncandescence Circus Cabaret Show

To view more of Incandescence circus company’s corporate entertainment or last year’s circus production at the Derby Roundhouse, please visit our website.

Incandescence Circus team

Have a fantastic New Year! From the whole Incandescence team thanks Satya x

Incandescence circus company 2013 news roundup

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What an amazing year it’s been for Incandescence Circus theatre Company.

We’ve produced many new exciting circus shows  that have toured worldwide. Here are some of the highlights from our 2013 circus adventures:

Incandescence circus actsIncandescence circus actsIncandescence circus acts

The year started with a quick trip to Dubai where we produced a bespoke circus show for the Global Education Summit Held at Atlantis on the infamous Palm. This was attended by dignitaries including Bill Clinton and Tony Blaire. A big thank you to Safiya from George and Burnell events – what a fantastic event to be part of.

Incandescence stilt walkersIncandescence corporate entertainmentIncandescence corporate entertainment

This was followed by a fantastic trip to Burma where the Incandescence team  had the opportunity to explore this amazing country, performing site specific circus shows  and  workshops with the locals as we had an adventure of a lifetime across this magical country.

Burma- site specific shows

Landing back in Cornwall, we then went into full production producing a unique interactive tented venue for the Summer Masked Ball  on Porthleven cliff tops.

Alice in wonderland- Themed entertainment Alice in Wonderland - Circus entertainment

An Alice in Wonderland themed  circus tent that immersed the guests in the crazy world of Alice, with bespoke decor and amazing interactive, Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment.

Circus show- Night Circus

Glastonbury Arts Festival was the circus company’s next destination. Here we were commissioned to produce the headline circus show for the circus big top.

Ezmeraldas Night CircusEzmeraldas Night Circus

We produced a 90-minute contemporary circus show called Ezmeraldas ‘Night Circus’  the World’s first adult circus drag show – complete with live band and all the sparkle and glamour of our magical Night Circus.

Circus show- fire in the sky

This was followed by a fast and furious tour to the Singapore Grand Prix for a run of circus shows in the beautiful saddle span tent. We had a surprise visit by the Royal family of Brunei who came to watch the shows and meet the Incandescence team.

Incandescence circus actsIncandescence circus actsIncandescence circus acts

The year has been finished off with our circus company producing three bespoke Christmas shows that have toured to the Midland, receiving rave reviews. Please get in contact if you would like receive new promotional material for these circus shows in the New Year.

Corporate events

A big thank you to all of our clients for their continued support, and a massive thanks to our amazing production team and very talented circus artists and dancers.

Incandescence corporate events

Have a fantastic Christmas and we look forward to seeing and working with you all in the New Year

Satya x

Christmas Circus Shows -Cirque de Lumiere at the Birmingham NEC

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This week on our circus show blog, we’ve got a sneak peak at one of our New Circus Shows,  Cirque de Lumiere, which was produced for this year’s Christmas parties at the NEC Birmingham  for Vivid Experience.

The Incandescence team  has produced bespoke entertainment for this year’s Christmas parties at the NEC. We worked closely with Hawthorns Production team,  to create a fantastic new circus show that opened on the 5th of December to rave reviews, including:

“As an ex-gymnast, I could not do that: the show was amazing.” – Aimee Leigh

‘’Fantastic night at Cirque Du Lumiere.” – Maxine Clarke – One Dental Team

“Amazing show at Cirque Du Lumiere.” – Jessica Bailey – Brewers


The guests were immersed in the world of Cirque De Lumiere from the moment they arrived in the venue, as they were greeted by fantastical characters and were treated to interactive shows performed on a stunning central bar in the beautifully-decorated reception area.


The guests were then seated for a three-course meal and treated to three spectacular custom produced circus shows by Incandescence.

Co op Xmas 2013 185

The three shows combined exquisite designer costumes with world-class circus skills and beautiful dance choreography, creating a breath-taking spectacle.

Co op Xmas 2013 124Co op Xmas 2013 127Co op Xmas 2013 125

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the Incandescence cast, Hawthorns for their fantastic lighting and sound, and lastly to the friendly NEC staff.

If you are interested in booking this show for next year please get in touch, as a new promotional video will be available in the New Year.


If you’d like to look at the behind-the-scenes production process of this show, please visit our Facebook page.

To view other Incandescence Bespoke Shows please visit our website.

Thanks Satya x

Aerial crane shows Opening and Closing Ceremonies Entertainment

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November has been a lot of fun for the Incandescence team  as we’ve been devising and producing a specialist aerial crane show in partnership with NewSubstance,  that will be touring to the Middle East.

Rehearsals started outside our training space in Cornwall (much to the amusement of the locals as they witnessed a giant 100-tonne crane pull into Sennen village) then a custom-made giant human net was flown off the crane, with artists and acrobats suspended from it.

Aerial crane rehearsalsAerial crane rehearsalsAerial crane rehearsals

Our artists also had the opportunity to play on this structure, creating and devising new aerial material. The artists were winched up to heights of 35 metres, suspended from the crane structure and I must say what amazing views we had over to Lands End!

This structure will then be shipped to Doha where 20 artists and acrobats will be suspended from the crane performing a spectacular synchronized performance.

Dubai world cup

Aerial crane shows are one of the most exciting elements that can be put into a show. They are generally used for large-scale outdoor events as part of an opening or closing ceremony entertainment.

Beyonce support show091106_PG_Performance_0085Beyonce support show

As a circus production company, we’ve had the opportunity to produce many of these large-scale shows for some amazing events. Highlights would have to be producing the Beyonce support show in Egypt at Port Galib, the Opening Ceremony for the World Cup in Dubai and the Take That stadium tour Progress  Live [where we devised and created the famous acrobatic water wall].

Take that- Live Progress Tour

To find out more about large-scale opening or closing ceremony entertainment,  please visit our website.

Thanks Satya x

Behind the scenes – Production of our new Christmas Circus Shows

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The Incandescence team has been a hive of activity this month, producing three new Circus Shows  which will be touring to the Midlands over the Christmas period.

Circus shows IncandescenceCircus shows IncandescenceCircus shows Incandescence

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the work involved in creating and producing innovative and exciting new circus productions.

Circus shows Incandescence- costume designs

The process starts with receiving a Brief from the client of the circus shows they wish to commission for this year’s Christmas period.

The team works closely with the client on their vision, budget, and the venue’s technical specifications for each proposed show. The Incandescence production team then starts to create new and exciting concepts for each show.

Designing costumes for the new showsNew circus costumesCreating new head peices

The team looks at each show and what artist skill base is needed, then the most suitable performers are cast into each show by the Artistic director.

Music is then produced for each show working  alongside  the artistic director, wardrobe and prop department, who create fabulous characters and costumes that the performers will weave their magic into.

Costume fittingSewing at Incan HQCostume Production

All of these production elements are run alongside each other, to create a seamless process that brings each show to life – giving it continuity and a lot of creative thought and time.

The process requires a crossover of all production areas giving massive attention to detail and thought into all areas of the new show.

Incandescence Circus Training

The artists then arrive for rehearsals at the Incandescence training space. This is where the magic happens and you start seeing all areas of the production being brought together as the team works on every detail to create amazing new circus productions.

Incandescence Circus Training Incandescence Circus Training Incandescence Circus Training

The music and choreography is created, characters are brought to life, make up is designed for each element of the show, costumes are fitted, music is re-edited, rigging is finalised, show technical’s are set and – finally – the vans are backed.

Dress rehearsal - Circus spaceAerial hoop-Dress rehearsal - Circus spaceDress rehearsal

It’s a tiring but enjoyable process and the team are now ready to start the journey to the Midlands where we will be rigging, teching, and finally performing our three new productions.

A big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard in this production process, and I will see you in the Midlands for the opening of our fantastic shows! For a sneak peak of the behind the scenes in fantastic images please visit our Facebook page. Thanks Satya

Halloween Masked Ball – Carnival of the Damned Circus Tent

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What a crazy Halloween weekend our leading circus show team spent recently on the Camel Farm in the deepest, darkest depths of Cornwall, as part of the UK’s biggest Halloween Masked Ball.

We presented one of the 12 amazing themed areas at this year’s Ball. The aptly named ‘Carnival of the Damned’ a dark circus tent, with interactive site specific performance.

Carnival of the Dmned Circus Tent

The event can only be described as a mini ‘Glastonbury’ festival, with all the mud and general craziness that goes with it, trying to host an outdoor event in the UK with its unpredictable weather.

Halloween Masked BallHalloween Masked Ball

Hats off to the Masked Ball team for managing to pull off a large outdoor event despite one of the worst storms in 25 years raging around the festival site, too. Amazing work!

Halloween Masked Ball

Despite factors beyond the teams control (primarily the weather) they were seriously challenged to keep the event going. However, they did this with integrity and a smile on their faces – as the planet hurled all Hell at them! Well done, Kelvin and team.

Halloween Masked BallHalloween Masked BallHalloween Masked Ball

With the classic British stiff upper lip and being soaking wet, the Masked Ball team battled on to deliver an epic Halloween event, which we were proud to be part of.

Our circus tent, the Carnival of the Damned, was packed all night, with people enjoying the fantastical twisted circus world we had created.

Halloween Masked Ball

The guests were immersed within an interactive performance environment. The fabulous Hong Kong Ping Pong and Mongolian Disco Show provided fantastic tunes throughout the night, which was accompanied by our live musicians and circus performances.

Halloween Masked BallHalloween Masked Ball

Despite the appalling weather conditions the intrepid party-goers that made it to the Ball seemed to have a fantastic time, and didn’t let the stormy weather around them dampen their spirits.

Halloween Masked Ball

The next day proved to be one of the most difficult circus show take-downs and load-outs ever experienced, with our vehicles being swapped in the mud.

However, there was a surprise guest appearance during the night from the camels that inhabit Camel Farm that put a big smile on our faces!.

Camels Coming out to Play

A massive well done to the Masked Ball team for all their superhuman efforts, and a big thank you to everyone who made our circus show tent a massive success.

Halloween Masked Ball

If you’d like to check out the Carnival of the Damned tent in black and white images, please visit our Facebook Page.

Also check out the amazing Kevern Photography  who documented the event and has supplied us with fabulous imagery.

To see other Incandescence dark circus shows, please visit our website.

Thanks Satya x

Carnival of the Damned– The build of a Dark Circus Show

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Incandescence is excited to be presenting a site specific performance tent ‘Carnival of the Damned’ at this year’s Halloween Masked Ball. Enter if you dare into our freakish world of the cursed and twisted, the travelling Dark Circus  a Carnival of the Dead.


Step into our fantastical world and journey into our lavishly decorated tent that has a Tim Burton twist. Hosted by our dark carnie characters, expect the unexpected with Zombie stilt-dancing girls, bearded ladies, twisted dark clowns and fabulous circus freak shows.

603160_635752896474730_156312415_n (1) 1383810_635752016474818_1341914661_n

Roll up, Roll up, and dance the night away with the Carnival of the Damned!


In the darkest depths of Cornwall a mass of activity is happening, as a team of creative people start to build one of the largest Halloween events in the UK. The Camel Farm on the Lizard will host this ghoulish mini-festival.


The event comprises of 12 themed venues amongst which the Morgue, the Ghost ship, Death’s Disco and a giant UFO that has just landed on the farm next to a kooky fairground.


These venues will host some of the top music acts in the UK such as Leftfield, Orbital and Sister Bliss.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve been busy designing and building – guests will enter our tent through a giant clown’s head that leads through a twisted woodland entrance popping up into the main tent.


Here they’ll be transported into a fantastical dark world of the travelling carnival. With amazing bespoke themed 3D décor, animated by 20 circus performers, immersing the guests into the Carnival of the Damned.


To see the behind the scenes build in images, please visit our Facebook page. A massive thanks to everyone involved in the build especially to Julia Kerrison for all of her amazing painting skills and as always Shaun Smyth for his fantastic carpentry.

2012-11-06 02.24.202012-11-06 02.27.432012-11-06 02.30.30

We look forward to seeing you all at the Halloween Masked ball and hope you enjoy the ‘Carnival of the damned’.

For more information on our site specific or bespoke performances, please visit our website.

Thank you Satya x

Thailand Circus Training, Lazy Yoga and Noodle Soup

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After an exhausting but exciting year of producing and touring new circus shows a quick trip was very much needed to my favourite Thai island Kho Yao Noi, to train and rest before production starts in the UK for our new Christmas Cirque Shows.

Kho Yao Noi

I have had a love affair with Thailand for many years, and this is one of my favourite Winter circus training locations. It is one of the last remaining Thai islands to retain its culture and character, and not succumb to mass tourism.

It has managed to avoid the large package tours and hedonistic, scantily clad, drunken gap year students. It is not strewn with neon signs, late-night bars and dodgy massage parlours.

In short, a piece of heaven!

Satya lapham making som TomAnn, Moh and Dedee at Thanakha Spa

As the temperature drops in the UK, I can normally be found here swinging from silks on a deserted beach, dangling off a rope from a cliff, or crawling out of the KYN Muay Thai Gym on my hands and knees with a face the colour of a beetroot.

KYN Muay Thai Gym

For me, it’s yoga at sunrise, afternoon monsoon swimming, and evening aerial training sessions. This is followed by fabulous noodle soup and fresh homemade Som Tom. The day is finished off with a visit to my friends at Thanakha spa to keep this acrobat’s body well maintained.

Satya lapham yoga thailandIncandescence yoga

Thai massage (or as I like to put it ‘Yoga for lazy people’) is an amazing form of massage where you are stretched, manhandled, folded and kneaded like dough into different shapes. It is an invigorating experience, and one not to be missed on a trip to Thailand.

Sunset at KYN Muay Thai Gym

My 10-day trip is drawing to an end and it’s time to figure out how the mountain of stuff in the corner of my room ever fitted into by bag. Finally, a last round of goodbyes before heading off to the pier.

Satya Kho Yao Noi

Big thanks to Moh who has knitted me a beautiful woollen hat and scarf, so I won’t be too cold when I arrive back at Heathrow in flip flops! Thank you Kho Yao Noi, and to all my wonderful friends who live on this magical island. See you next year love Satya xx

If you’re interested in an active holiday, I’d highly recommend checking out KYN Muay Thai Gym.  If you’d like to hear the latest from the Incandescence team, please sign up to our newsletter here.

Incandescence Christmas Circus Shows

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Incandescence Production team are excited to be returning to the Midlands, where we’ll be supplying the circus entertainment for this year’s Vivid Experience Christmas Parties.

Our team will be producing three new circus shows for these corporate events.

Hand balancing Circus act

To take a look at last year’s fantastic Christmas Circus Productions please click here. Our creative team is busy working on new music, costumes and choreography for this year’s spectacular Christmas shows.

African circus showAfrican Acrobats26

At the Athena Theatre in Leicester  we’ll be performing Zulu Sun Dance, a exotic high-energy African themed Cirque show. Four amazing artists will be flying in from Tanzania to join the cast of this exciting new circus production.

Christmas Circus Production

At the Derby Roundhouse we’ll be producing a Festive circus show with spectacular costumes, world-class circus performance, and beautiful choreography. This will be staged in this stunning and iconic building.

Incandescence Circus Show

Incandescence is excited to announce this year’s new Christmas party venue is the Birmingham NEC, where we’ll be staging a new Incandescence Circus Show that will feature a dramatic swinging cradle act.

To find out more, please click here  to see Gemma and Darryl performing cradle on the Bat Man Live Tour.

Incandescence- Human StatuesIncandescence Stilt walkers

To book tables at any of the Vivid Experience Christmas Parties, please click here.

To sign up to Incandescence Circus Companies latest news, please click here  and join us on Facebook

Thanks Satya x

Incandescence Circus Tour to the Singapore Grand Prix

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 Incandescence Circus Company were fortunate to take part in this year’s Singapore Grand Prix and what an exciting time to stay in the heart of the city and have the opportunity to perform alongside a host of world-class artists – including Tom Jones, The Killers and Rihanna.

Incandescence performed three spectacular circus shows  during the Grand Prix event.

Singapore Grand Prix

It was an amazing time to visit Singapore when they host the only Night City Circuit on the F1 tour. The whole city buzzes with excitement as the city centre becomes a Formula One racing track. It’s hot, exhilarating, and very noisy!

We stayed at the Swiss Stamford Hotel,  which has an incredible view over the night racing track. The whole hotel comes to life as people pack onto the balconies to watch the race.

Incandescence Circus shows

The Incandescence team delivered evening performances of Night Circus, ( Masquerade  and Fire in the Sky  in the beautiful Tri-span tent located in the VIP area. We had a surprise visit from the Royal Family of Brunei, too, which came to meet the company and watch our Sunday night circus show.

Please visit our FaceBook page to view our Grand Prix adventures in stunning images, and see the work delivered by our circus theatre company.

Formula one racing in Singapore

I can now name more than three F1 drivers, have neck ache, and am slightly deaf. However, I do feel inspired to finish my driving licence and purchase a car. Maybe not an F1 motor for this Cornish acrobat, though!

Incandescence cirque MasqueradeNight CircusFire in the sky - circus show

A big thank you to the Singapore F1 for inviting us to take part in such a spectacular event, and thanks as always to the Incandescence artists for all their hard work over this fun, action-packed and memorable week.

Many thanks Satya x

Cirque Masquerade

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Circus in a suitcase across Burma!

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One of Incandescence’s highlights this Summer has to be our crazy circus tour across Burma. Five suitcases, three intrepid circus artists, a dodgy map, a romantic image of this mysterious, magical and yet closed country, and we ventured forth.

Circus across  Burma

We arrived in Yangon and were confronted by erratic power supplies, no travel plan, jet lag, friendly people, unaccustomed smells and the biggest danger of being hit by a belligerent motorist or stumbling into the many sewage filled pot holes. We soon found our feet and caught an overnight bus to Bagan. It can only be described as a very entertaining, yet bone breaking 13-hour ride on a pre-historic bus that seemed to be made out of soggy cardboard. Dela and Chris’s solution was to down 10 cans of red bull and play an annoying word game for the duration of the journey.

Hanging about in beautiful Bagan

Arriving in Bagan wired, we attracted the craziest ride in town going by the name of ‘Rambo’ we headed out to see sunrise over this amazing historic and mystical place. That had over 3,000 crumbling beautiful temples as far as the eye could see shrouded in mist as the sun rose. This became the incredible background for dawn training sessions, circus workshops and site specific shows with the locals.

969468_562028297181574_471709784_n 995825_562027937181610_1670122803_n

We then boarded another bus to the placid and stunning Inle lake in the Shan state. A stunning place with water-bound temples, floating gardens and stilted house villages. We became an evening feature in one of these candle-lit fishing villages along the river, as we performed nightly fire shows and acrobatic displays against a beautiful natural backdrop.


It was here we stumbled upon a Burmese version of a firework display which involved getting a tonne of pyro’s strapping it to a very large pole and lighting a fuse: the result being one of the most scary yet exhilarating moments of my life, as I ran for cover from flying hot rockets. You will have to watch it to believe it!


The highlight was meeting a Shan martial arts master and taking part in a temple-top festival which is normally closed to Westerners. Here we exchanged martial arts, performed more circus shows and had some comedy sparring moments. Before much to Dela and Chris’s amusement I was whisked off to dance Shan style around the temple in the midday heat after been plied with rice whisky.

382552_575000475884356_362751015_n (1)1001167_564578246926579_487780868_n

We had beautiful cultural exchanges with a country and its people that had been denied music and all art forms for the last decade this was truly an amazing experience. Such warmth, so much fun, and beautiful hospitality that we received as we journeyed across this country – one circus show at a time. Check out more of our Site-Specific Performances /Cultural Exchanges .


Until next time Burma, you are a gem: a country in my heart that will draw me back again and again. A big thank you, love Satya.

If you would like to check out the whole trip in stunning photographs, please visit our Facebook page. If you would like to sign up to the latest news from Incandescence Circus Theatre Company click here thank you!

Sequins and Suspenders – Ezmeralda’s Night Circus tour at Glastonbury Festival

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Incandescence’s new production of Night Circus has just returned from headlining the 2,000 capacity Circus Big top at Glastonbury Festival. The show received rave reviews and nightly standing ovations to a packed house.

Ezmeralda Night Circus- Cirque Production

This exciting new production was the premiere of the World’s first ever Drag Circus show. Madame Ezmeralda invited the audience to step into her flamboyant and fabulous world of the Night Circus.

The opulent spectacle unfolded with Geisha Go Go Girls and Burly Ballerinas, a Bath tub full of Lady Boys, and Contorting Diamond Divas.

Cirque Show- Adagio Night Circus   Night Circus Glastonbury- Contortion

The audience were amazed by Ezmeralda’s Carousel of Aerial Delight accompanied by Trampy Tarts twirling high up on trapezes. These delicious delights were wrapped up with the live sound of the Diva, Ezmeralda and her tantalising Band.

A show that wowed all with spectacle and human dare, confused and amused, and above all seduced and entertained.

Touring Circus production- Night Circus   Cirque Drag show Incandescence

Visit our Show gallery to view a promotional video and photo gallery of our new Cirque Show Ezmeralda’s Night Circus.

To view Incandescence’s Nuns on the Run that exploded into the Guardian read more here or to see the latest exploits of our cheeky nuns visit our Facebook page.

For more information, or to book this touring Production, please get in touch.