Incandescence love the challenge of devising and producing unique entertainment, specifically tailored to a client’s brief, creating a memorable experience for all involved.

Commissions range from modest one-off events to large scale touring productions. We have the vision, experience and creativity to work within your budget, technical constraints and event objectives. Our team will use their passion and imagination to produce cutting edge bespoke entertainment for you event that will be truly unforgettable.

Our experienced design team will work closely with you creating unique entertainment concepts. These will then be expertly taken through from design to production to show delivery. This creates a stress-free process that will give you 100% confidence in working with Incandescence on your dream bespoke circus show.

Incandescence has full production facilities, which gives us the ability to take on commissions of any scale.  Our team has artistic and musical directors; choreographers; production, stage and tour managers; costume designers;  set and prop designers; sound and lighting engineers, and world class artists including circus artists, singers, musicians, dancers and puppeteers.  All these elements are brought together in our rehearsal and training space where we produce our unique and unforgettable circus shows.

Once the bespoke circus show has been produced, Incandescence has a fantastic production team who will manage all logistical and technical aspects of delivering the show to your event. This creates a seamless experience for the client where they can have complete confidence in having commissioned our company to deliver a spectacular circus production.

‘Incandescence hit exactly the right note - their music, their stylized costumes and their daring stilt walking and stunning acrobatics show, drew the crowds to the Chevrolet stage’
Chevrolet- Bangkok Motor show news

Please contact us to discuss your exciting entertainment proposals.