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Behind the scenes – Production of our new Christmas Circus Shows

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The Incandescence team has been a hive of activity this month, producing three new Circus Shows  which will be touring to the Midlands over the Christmas period.

Circus shows IncandescenceCircus shows IncandescenceCircus shows Incandescence

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the work involved in creating and producing innovative and exciting new circus productions.

Circus shows Incandescence- costume designs

The process starts with receiving a Brief from the client of the circus shows they wish to commission for this year’s Christmas period.

The team works closely with the client on their vision, budget, and the venue’s technical specifications for each proposed show. The Incandescence production team then starts to create new and exciting concepts for each show.

Designing costumes for the new showsNew circus costumesCreating new head peices

The team looks at each show and what artist skill base is needed, then the most suitable performers are cast into each show by the Artistic director.

Music is then produced for each show working  alongside  the artistic director, wardrobe and prop department, who create fabulous characters and costumes that the performers will weave their magic into.

Costume fittingSewing at Incan HQCostume Production

All of these production elements are run alongside each other, to create a seamless process that brings each show to life – giving it continuity and a lot of creative thought and time.

The process requires a crossover of all production areas giving massive attention to detail and thought into all areas of the new show.

Incandescence Circus Training

The artists then arrive for rehearsals at the Incandescence training space. This is where the magic happens and you start seeing all areas of the production being brought together as the team works on every detail to create amazing new circus productions.

Incandescence Circus Training Incandescence Circus Training Incandescence Circus Training

The music and choreography is created, characters are brought to life, make up is designed for each element of the show, costumes are fitted, music is re-edited, rigging is finalised, show technical’s are set and – finally – the vans are backed.

Dress rehearsal - Circus spaceAerial hoop-Dress rehearsal - Circus spaceDress rehearsal

It’s a tiring but enjoyable process and the team are now ready to start the journey to the Midlands where we will be rigging, teching, and finally performing our three new productions.

A big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard in this production process, and I will see you in the Midlands for the opening of our fantastic shows! For a sneak peak of the behind the scenes in fantastic images please visit our Facebook page. Thanks Satya

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