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Alice in Wonderland Themed Entertainment- Produced for the York Minster’s Rose Gala Diner

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Here at Incandescence,  we love creating imaginative and unique themed entertainment   for corporate events.


One of our favourite corporate events that we designed bespoke corporate themed entertainment  for was the Rose Gala Dinner,  which was held in the famous York Minster Cathedral.

Alice in wonderland show

The client’s Brief:

To provide entertainment for 900 invited guests in the nave of York Minster Cathedral for the Diamond Jubilee Rose Dinner Celebrations.

They wanted something unique truly memorable, and that would set this event apart from being just another corporate event with a bit of formulaic run-of-the-mill evening entertainment.

Alice in wonderland corporate event

What we did:

Working closely with the York Minster team, we took their event name the Rose Gala dinner and decided to re-create the Rose garden from Alice in Wonderland: this would give a fantastic theme to tie the whole event and evening’s entertainment together.

Alice in wonderland show080612_York_SDixey_149

The other exciting and also challenging aspect to the event was the location – being one of England’s most iconic and beautiful buildings, but also Grade 1 listed!

This gave the project a site specific element to both producing and staging the Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment.

 Alice in wonderland themed entertainment

Given the Grade 1 status of the building, It was important to let the building dictate to some extent where and what the performance should be.

After doing site visits, the Incandescence Team had a good feel for the building, and were starting to see how to use this amazing space to complement and enhance the evening’s entertainment.

Alice in Wonderland themed showAlice in Wonderland themed show

Creating a symbiotic relationship between the awe-inspiring architecture of the York Minster Cathedral and the fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed event we were planning on staging was the creative challenge.

The Event:

On arrival, the guests were transported into the magical world of Alice. A whole host of fantastical Alice in Wonderland characters greeted the guests in the Queen of Hearts Rose Garden.

Alice in wonderland entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainment

The famous Mad Hatters Tea party and Croquet Scene where produced as interactive entertainment, and were brought to life using acrobats, actors, dancers and stilt walkers.

Alice in Wonderland themed show

This was accompanied by a ‘playing card band’ that set the scene with fabulous live music.

The Queen of Hearts played master of ceremonies for the night, as she and Alice wove the whole evening together giving it a seamless dreamlike quality.

Alice in Wonderland themed entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainment

The main dining area was turfed with a real green grass lawn. Guests were seated at tables with fabulous rose centrepieces, accompanied by bottles with ‘drink me’ labels.

During dinner they were treated to a site specific Alice in wonderland themed show that happened above and all around them.

Alice in Wonderland themed showAlice in Wonderland themed show

Aerialists spun and weaved their magic in front of the stained glass windows, dangling from the vaulted ceilings, performing on raised platforms and truly immersing the guests into the magical world of Alice and the amazing space that is the York Minster Cathedral.

Alice in Wonderland themed entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed show

What the client said:

Karen Powell, York Minster Cathedral:  “What a wonderful evening you created for us. We have had countless emails and letters from guests who were thrilled and totally amazed by the Alice in Wonderland experience that you created.”

Corporate entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainmentCorporate entertainment

For more information on our corporate themed entertainment or  bespoke corporate circus shows please visit our website.

Alice in wonderland entertainment

Alternatively please get in touch here as we’d love to design a bespoke or themed corporate entertainment package for your next event in 2014.

Alice in wonderland entertainment

Thanks Satya x

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