Incandescence where brought in with New Substance to work alongside Kim Gavin, the Artistic director and choreographer of Take That, to create the iconic, live progress album cover on the 30 feet wide screens using 30 dancers.

What We Did

The company was brought in as aerial consultants to devise and help create this iconic performance section within the show. This was performed to flood and involved 30 artists performing of state of the art winch systems on a giant 30 feet wide, water screen. We provided 6 Incandescence artists for the tour, who helped cast and train the dancers in harness acrobatics and wall running, and assisted in devising and creating this section of the show.

What They Said

‘Take That more than deliver. What other band could conjure up the likes of daredevil abseiling, a giant wall of water, giant smoking caterpillars and a crew of 30 dancers flitting between 9 costume changes?’

Manchester Evening News